Why your blog sucks and how to change it

Why Your Blog Is Not Bringing Any Results and How to Change It in 2019

You read that having a blog will help your company, perhaps you even saw data on why having a blog is more important than ever, yet your blog is not bringing any results even though you have content. It is your writer’s fault, is it your fault, or is it just that blogging isn’t meant for your company?

Why your blog sucks and how to change it

Here are some reasons on why your blog is not bringing any results and how to change it in 2019.

You Expect Results Too Quick While Not Investing Enough

Do you know what one post per week will do? Absolutely nothing.

If you are wondering why your blog is not bringing any results and how to change in 2019, this is the change that needs to happen the most. This is the biggest mistake I see companies make when it comes to blogging.

A lot of average content is better than 1 great post because that 1 great post is not going to be found by someone as regardless of how great your SEO is, Google won’t see your site as of value!

Companies that publish 16+ posts per month versus up to 4 which would be around 1 per week, get 3.5x more traffic according to HubSpot. But that’s merely the average. If we took away the sites that are doing blogging wrong, but that post a lot, I can guarantee that it would be much more than 3.5x more.

Casey Neistat said that it took him 5 years to get his first 500,000 subscribers. In those 5 years, he wasn’t posting consistently. Then he started posting daily, 5 months later he had 500,000 more subscribers. It took 5 months to get to where it took 5 years to get merely by daily content. And yes, he is a YouTuber, but YouTube and Google are similar in a lot of aspects.

Do you put $5 in your ads? No, you don’t. Then why are you investing in just one post per week until you end up letting a writer go because he or she isn’t bringing any results?  If you want to be found on Google, it takes daily content, regardless of how great one is at SEO because Google needs to see your site as worthy first.

Post daily. If you only take one thing out of this blog, it’s this!

You Are Too Focused on Yourself Rather Than People

If you want your blog to bring results in 2019, you need to be focused on helping people rather than about your products. Telling somebody not to mention other sites, not to link to anyone else, to talk only about “us” is exactly why your blog is not bringing any results. Sure, sell your product since that’s what you need to do as a company but do not make it all about you, as that’s how you create an impactless blog.

At the end of the day, while it matters for a blog to rank highly, a blog that helps can do much better than a post that’s ranked higher because if you have truly helpful content, people will share it with other people. Imagine you saved someone $500 by sharing some free site that has no impact on your business but that helps that person save even more money because they are saving because of what you offer but also because of a tool that you mentioned. Do you think somebody won’t share that with others?

Instead, what is happening is that a lot of content is merely SEO + WE THE BEST without real intentions of helping someone.

That’s how BBC Radio reached out to me. I provided value, and they found it worth sharing.

I’m providing you just value here with no asking for anything. The hidden trick is that somebody will read this and see that I know about what works and doesn’t, and will write me a message about me helping them with their blog.

You Aren’t Specific Enough for Your Blog to Bring Any Results

Of course, you want to rank highly on the most searched posts in your niche but how are you planning on doing that if Google doesn’t see you as a site of enough value?

If you want to rank highly on the pages where millions of people are searching, you need to provide a lot of specific content around that topic as a lot of specific content that relates is how you get seen by Google when it comes to the bigger searches.

It’s also a lot easier to help the people that visit your site on a specific post because it’s tailored directly for them making conversations therefore easy.

Your Pictures Suck

Companies vastly underestimate pictures.

I used to work for this company called Zendure. They make some pretty great products, but their images are mere renders. And that’s what I was provided with. Renders are fine, but I can’t just work with renders because people trust real images.

why your blog sucks zendure

63% of consumers find that images are more important than product descriptions and I’m not even going to link to this statistic. It just makes sense. Do you trust companies that use either only renders or no pictures at all? Why should somebody believe that such a company isn’t a scam or isn’t out of business?

Poor or lack of images kills trust, and they are needed. That’s why I deliver images for my clients along with the content I do unless they already have awesome images. Especially since they also help with SEO.

If you are wondering why your blog is not bringing enough results, this is another factor to look at.

Here are some examples of the images I deliver with content:

why your blog sucks and how to fix itwhy your blog sucks

You Don’t Give Enough Freedom

This is perhaps my favorite reason as a content creator. I went through this a lot of times.

Guide but don’t tell exactly how to write as it doesn’t work.

There’s not a single person that will write something exactly as you like it word by word. The only person that can do that is you, and technically someone else if you consider the infinite monkey theorem where if a monkey presses keys at random, eventually it will any given text.

Just because somebody wrote a sentence in their way does not mean it’s wrong. If it is,  guide rather then tell exactly how to do it.

How do you expect results if you are doing the work if you aren’t the expert? Unless you hired somebody on one of these content mill sites that pays slave wages to people that are working 24/7 without many breaks because they aren’t making enough to survive. And if that’s you, shame on you.

This Is Why Your Blog Is Not Bringing Any Results and How to Change It in 2019

why your blog sucks and how to change it

The big change tends to happen just after the first tip. But that’s just some tips.

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