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Why I Miss School Coming from a Person That Hated (Hates) School

There. I said it. I miss school.

NOOO. I don’t miss learning in school. Do not confuse missing school with actually missing to learn.

If you are in an environment in which you provide a right answer that’s scientifically proven but are wrong because it’s not stated in the book, oh gosh, let’s not even talk about that, I get triggered.


Fuck you statue

This statue in Milan sums up how I feel about the education system.

Correct me if I’m wrong but will religion save me if I’m bleeding out and need some basic first aid? Now, there’s nothing wrong with praying but if you are telling me to take down poems into a copy that I will never read again, or will look at, never mind be tested on, followed by telling me to color in the frame, in the last 2 years of school, then there’s something wrong. Especially if the statistics provided by the Irish Red Cross show that only 5% of people in Ireland are trained in first aid. INSANE!

stress at work

And even when they did teach the useful stuff, they told what we already know. Yes, we know we should wear a condom. But maybe you should teach us how to put it on correctly? Otherwise, what’s the point?

When I think about it, the only useful things in school were thought by my history teacher when he was going completely off-topic.  Meanwhile, the only useful subject was English, and yet, that still failed at times due to the structure of the subject that was mostly irrelevant to this modern age. Don’t forget. We are not living in the 1980’s. Technical writing should be a big part of English. Writing digitally should be a big part of English. It’s not. And perhaps it makes sense on why, as once I saw a student that tried to turn on the computer by turning on the monitor. Luckily, I had a pretty great teacher in that subject that mixed what is not normally thought in the subject making it somewhat useful.

Oh, and the most useful thing? The phrases noted in my journal by my chemistry teacher. One, of them, engraved on my wallet. “If only smiling paid wages.” I was told I smiled a lot, but that’s all I could pretty much do.

if only smiling paid wages

But who got to interview rappers and the best-voted DJ in the world? Oh, yeah, me.

But he also said that “I better be good at that internet stuff.” Subscribe to my newsletter where I might reveal the other blog that I never talked about in the past.

But yet, somehow, I still miss school.

I Used to Be Fitter

I used to have abs. I used to have more muscle. Oh, and I was able to do much more. I ain’t looking good and I ain’t able to do as much anymore.

That’s how I used to look. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go full stick-mode, I maintained a certain size as I mean, my DNA is created for easy muscle-growth based on my Fitnessgenes.com DNA results. Oh, and it also able to burn fat pretty easily, meaning that if I actually put in the effort, I would be back in shape in no-time.

However, the lack of school did contribute to me being less fit in two major ways.

Firstly,  I walked to school every single day since always. I averaged 15,000 but often did more than 20,000 during school days. I walked to school. I did laps around the school during breaks. Walking to a different class. That all added up. Most importantly, I moved every hour.

Now, this is not the case. I mean, when I travel, yep, sure. But when I’m at home, I tend to sit down all day writing blog posts for my pages or other blogs, and pitching for products and clients. I sit too much and don’t move enough. I could walk in the mornings. I’m too lazy. Back during school days, I had to do it. And I mean, I did enjoy it. The lack of earbuds does influence on this right now, so I hope Jabra send me a pair soon.

Sitting down using XPS 13

But then, physical education mattered too. And ironically, a lot of education haters are also anti physical education, but I think that it’s incredibly important. Learning something that helps matters, but physical education is one of the most active moments for most students during the week. And in many cases, it’s also the most important hour of the week for most students.

And to that teacher that said that “it’s not the World Cup” and that I should take it easy, you can kiss your ass because it is the World Cup. If you don’t treat it like it is, you suck.

And then there’s this peer pressure thing in school which mostly sucks but is also great. See, if you have abs once, you will have to maintain them or otherwise people will make fun of you that you never had them. I was seen as this healthy guy. And I had to live up to it. And frankly, I was in the habit of exercise, that kept me going. I was able to do stuff that I can’t do anymore.

But my chest was flat then, and it is still flat now, lol.

School isn’t the only reason for this, but it contributed. I can’t blame the lack of school for this though. I gotta claim responsibility.

My Addictions Weren’t There


When I travel, this isn’t a problem. When I’m at home, it is. Coffee is my big problem. When I’m at home, I drink way too much. My DNA test says I’m great at clearing coffee out of my system, but that doesn’t matter as I still drink too much. And while coffee has its benefits, it also has a dark side. And that dark side ain’t that great. I can’t focus and get enough work done when I drink too much. And that results in me working longer and thus being able to move less. Something as simple as coffee has that influence on me. I know that because I went on a challenge to not drink coffee for a full month recently, and that made me realize a few things. But more on the coffee challenge in a few days. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay notified about that post.

My diet was better

I mean once again, this is something that isn’t only influenced by school, and ultimately I have control over, but school helped.

There are no excuses for my poor diet and lack of fitness. I got access to DNA tests. I got access to blood test costing over €200 per month. I got more fitness trackers than most people having one from Fitbit, Suunto, Polar, Jawbone, and Withings.  I got devices that measure your vitamin levels.

I have more tools than most people. I know more than most people know about their bodies. Applying is the key though. And  I failed a lot on that.

School helped in terms of diet by not allowing me to eat.

At home, the fridge is always there just the coffee express is there. I can eat at whatever time I can. In school, I had a schedule. Oh, and I also did intermittent fasting which a lot of people are against in the school system, but that is actually very healthy to do. I’m not attaching research as there’s too much. Google it. Breakfast was a great marketing stunt. There are no great benefits to having breakfast. Any meal is just as important.  One might not eat breakfast for 2 days and feel bad, but that’s only because one is used to eating breakfast. It’s a habit. But more on that in a different post.

When I was in the best shape of my life, I fasted. Now, I eat breakfast.

No breakfast combined with no constant eating and eating at a certain time did help my diet.

 That’s Why I Miss School

You know, I could say that missing friends is a reason behind why I miss school, but to be frank, while I knew a lot of great people in school, I met far greater people when not in school. In school, you are exposed to drama. Everybody knows everything. You do something, and people remember that forever. There’s also an expectation to behave a certain way. I hated that.

The main reason behind why I miss school is my health. I could control it. I have to. It’s my goal to get that back on track with the new football season approaching mixed with beach time in May. School isn’t the main reason why I am where I am, but it did play a part.

Why do you miss school though? Or do you miss school at all? Let me know in the DM’s on my Instagram: @MichaelSmolski


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