Why Bad Blogs Are Doing Better Than Yours and How to Fix It

You made a blog of tremendous value, yet it has no significance whatsoever for your business. Meanwhile, bad blogs are doing better than yours?  Can’t figure out what you are doing wrong, and are thinking of stopping blogging? This post will change your mind, and most importantly, will help your business at this crucial aspect of marketing.

Google Doesn’t Care About Content Value

Bad blogs are doing better than yours because people that create content know that Google doesn’t care about how great your writing is.

On the way to Switzerland with a Flixbus from Paris,  my girlfriend and I were so fed up with the Paris metro that we searched for the “best metros in the world.”

To our surprise, the top-ranking posts mentioned the Paris one.

See this picture I took? It was people waiting for a metro just after one on that same like took off. A daily cycle of trying to fit into a carriage. Everyday.

why bad blogs are doing better than yours

The City of Light’s metro is unusually dense, with 245 stations on 14 lines, in just 87 square kilometers of the city. Parisians, apparently, don’t like to walk.” -CNN. 

That’s what makes the metro the best? Pfft.

An honest review of the Paris metro?  A system that may have plenty of stations but failed when it comes to their lengths just as it failed when it comes to the wagons. I never had a privilege to sit in a metro in Paris, and when I did, I gave it away because I felt bad for that pregnant woman or older individual standing. Not that standing is that hard. Unless of course, you are taking a 30-minute trip full of souls around you, without AC. No worries about sitting down as someone that’s in any form disadvantaged. You probably won’t get through in the first place if that’s you. Paris metros aren’t friendly for that group of people, nor is it pleasant for people with luggage. Their system of entering and leaving is one of the most ridiculous around.

Oh, and did I mention that most of these guides including the CNN did not mention the Stockholm metro which is by far the best I ever saw whether it comes to the artistic part, friendliness, prices, size, and overall comfort?

Most People Don’t Know What They Are Writing About, but It Brings Results

Google cares about SEO, frequency, speed, and many other factors that have nothing to do with the value you provide.

Most blogs that rank high? They are written by people that don’t know anything about the industry they write for.

The people that write about the top metros? Based on their writing, you can tell that they don’t actually know anything about these metros and most likely never been in the best metros. They are merely using facts such as how old the metros are, and copying other articles already out, with some little twists.

You? You should have people that know SEO, but that also specialize in your industry, somewhat. Otherwise, you will get a bunch of content that consists of copy and paste, from articles as a solution to the lack of knowledge on your industry from the individual.

How to Fix It

You don’t do it just by focusing on Google either. If you care about long-term success, you focus on both, in one.

To fix the issue?

  1. Post more frequently. It’s insane how many companies post once per week and find that satisfying because it’s still more than that of what they used to post before.  It sure might be more than before, but do you want to get results, or are you looking to make improvements that won’t result in anything significant? Google sees sites that frequently post as of more value and indexes them much higher.  Aim for 3-5 pieces per week, if you want your blog to be of marketing value.
  2. Invest in images. This is something that I point out tremendously as it’s so damn important when it comes to people staying on your site but also overall finding it. On one side, great visuals keep people on your site. Meanwhile, on the other, they have incredible value as far as SEO. 22.6% of internet searches consist of images, and if you aren’t using that fact to your advantage, you are missing out big time.  Oh, and Google also ranks pages with blogs much higher. I provide the best images on the market when it comes to freelancers that create content that helps reach more people. And I’m probably the only one that does it along with blogging content.  I just believe that great blogs require great imagery. That’s why I’ve taken blogging imagery in over 20 countries in the past year. And the best thing? I don’t even charge for that. It’s part of the package. why bad blogs are better than yours
  3.  Provide the right SEO.  This is not a topic that can be covered in one blog post. But a must. When getting someone to make your blogging content, make sure they specialize in SEO while also having knowledge in your niche.

And after you do that, focus on value.

Value is important if you care about your brand. Bad content with the right SEO might bring traffic, but it’s not going to bring loyal customers in the long-term. But without the right marketing, nobody will find that content in the first place, and that value, it doesn’t matter then.

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