What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

Great product imagery might be the most underestimated marketing tactic that most people never think about. And that’s because in most cases, great images won’t make people appear on your site out of nowhere.

They will, however, convert the people that are already on your site. Nobody wants to buy a $17 hairspray if it looks like $3, and certainly, nobody wants to buy a $300 backpack if it looks like $50.What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

Since you are here, you are either checking my writing or imagery expertise because you want to work with me on some blogging content or photography for your business, or you are here because you realized that your companies product imagery currently isn’t good enough, and want to know what makes great product imagery that sells. 

An average e-commerce website has a rate of conversion at 2.86 percent. Let’s make it higher for you!

Ditch the White Background

Amazon made it popular, but if you want to get ahead of other companies, you need to ditch that boring white background right away. Before everyone else does it, and it’s not an advantage anymore.

White backgrounds worked in the days where even the most basic photography was expensive. In 2019, that’s not enough anymore.

Products are 25% of what you sell. The rest is an intangible feeling. – @LarockFraser 

Would you buy a product that states that it’s perfect for harsh conditions, or the one with this picture of me taken by my photographer/partner that doesn’t show the product entirely, but that makes people imagine themselves in those conditions with such boots?

What makes good product imagery

Let’s face it, though. I’m showing some fantastic pictures there, but for most companies starting out, and even in business for many years, it would be a burden to get a photoshoot in Iceland where that picture was taken. It would cost thousands.

Photography is more affordable than 10 years ago, but there’s also a need for far more of it, now. Even if you can spend thousands on a shoot in Iceland,  you will run out of these pictures pretty soon, whether that’s on social media or blog posts.

And that’s why I created a social media/blogging package as probably the first photographer to do so. 

I can’t offer you perfectly lit boring pictures in a studio, but what I can offer you is pictures that catch interest at the cost of boring pictures. How is it affordable?

It’s simple. You send me your products. You pay a monthly fee, and you don’t choose the location I go to, and then at the end of the month, you get a social media/blogging package of images. In 2018 I visited 20 countries taking/modeling for all kinds of product imagery.  By being able to choose my locations in my order, whether that’s Canada, Thailand, or South Korea, I’m able to make it affordable for your company, but also worth it for me. 

Is that something of interest to you? Michael@michaelsmolski.com

Don’t Get Too Fancy When Editing

This isn’t a factor that will prevent sales (unless your photographer’s editing is poor) but a factor that will result in you losing customers and resulting in products being sent back.

22% of customers send products back because they do not look the same as on a website.

A bad edit is better than a pair of jeans that don’t look like what they are sold as. Make sure you/your photographers don’t make these mistakes.

Stop Being Boring

Sacrifice on quality to get a shot, if you need to.

Sure, some basic principles should apply, but ultimately it’s not critics that will judge your pictures but potential customers. They don’t care about proportions. They care about how a picture makes them feel. Even if a picture isn’t fully in focus of perfectly lit.What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

Take Pictures With a Purpose

Before I go out anywhere, I make sure to have a mental map of what I’m looking for. If I don’t, I’ll end up with a bunch of similar pictures which end up worthless if I am creating images to promote a product.

What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

5 amazing pictures taken from the same angle, even if in different spots if posted one after another whether that’s in a blog or on social media, in almost all scenarios, result in 1 great picture and 4 boring pictures.

Here are some shots that were taken by my photographers (when I model) and I, for a backpack review:

What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells
What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells
What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

That’s What Makes Great Product Imagery That Sells

Whether you want to work with me and some photographers that help me out, or whether just hiring a photographer in your local area, that’s what makes great product imagery that sells, and that will result in more conversions, if your product is good enough and in demand, in the first place.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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