Should You Visit Stockholm? Too Expensive or Justified?

Should you visit Stockholm? Or should you not visit Stockholm? Definitely not if you want to pay in Starbucks with your Starbucks Gift Card. More on that later.


All photos of me are taken by @___pato in this blog post.

Should You Visit Stockholm? Can You Even Afford It Though?


I like to measure places by the price of Starbucks, and before we measure the price of Starbucks, let me just say a fun fact, Starbucks does not accept Starbucks Gift Cards in Sweden. I have no words. Imagine not being able to connect your charger to your phone even though it’s designed for your phone. That’s how stupid it is.

Back to the point, Starbucks in Sweden is expensive. My Venti Carmel Macchiato costs €5.50 at the Dublin airport. It costs €6.51  converted into Euro in Stockholm, and that is not even the airport. My €1.09 hairspray in Lidl costs over €2 in Sweden. Stockholm is expensive. More expensive than you would ever imagine.

Perhaps that’s why Ryanair offer tickets To “Stockholm” from London for just about £5. Maybe nobody flying with cheap airlines can afford it.

Should you visit Stockholm if you are on a budget? You shouldn’t. Just don’t. Even if you are smart, it’s still expensive.

Lately, I realized that money only has the power we give it. And Stockholm charges a lot for that power.

It’s Expensive Because of the High Standard of Living

Now, I wasn’t everywhere in Stockholm, but I did not see one homeless person. I did not see any bad metros, sure, I saw a few old ones, but not any bad ones. I didn’t see regions that looked like you were in some 2nd world country. And that happens a lot in many cities throughout Europe. Stockholm was modern. It provided quality throughout different regions.  I was also told that people were well looked after in Stockholm. Kids get laptops for school, and to be honest, opposite my hotel/apartment room, there was a school, I had a peak, and I saw several MacBooks.Stockholm

My apartment cost me €371 for 5 days. I would complain based on the fact it was at least 20 minutes away from the city center on a metro and in most places I’d find something cheaper but here’s the thing, standards matter.

Standards. Stockholm has high standards. That’s why it’s expensive. That’s also why it’s hard to find a cheap place on other Europen standards, as you are always getting quality.

My apartment was called Biz Apartment Hammarby Sjostad. I had everything I could need in the kitchen minus an oven. That one time I chose not to cook hehe. I actually a working hairdryer that didn’t burn my hair. I’m used to “working.” The bed didn’t make noises. It was massive too. It wasn’t too hard. Something I experienced in €100 per night hotels. To put frankly, it was quite awesome! Showers were great. I enjoyed the high-pressure that Ireland didn’t figure out yet. Nice lighting too. Everything was modern.


It even had a smart TV. Although I wish they made that smart TV fully usable. But you get the point, this was like the cheapest place to get, and it offered incredible standards that were worth the price.

And that’s what Stockholm is, not including some food, Stockholm is worth the price.

The Best Damn Metros in Europe

Should you visit Stockholm

Should you visit Stockholm for the metros? Just read what I am about to tell you.

I’ve been on the metro in London, Budapest, Lyon, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon, Prague, and Milan in the last year. That’s most of the Europen metros. And while some were better and some were worse, none compare to Stockholm. Of course, a bad station is better than no station which is the case in Ireland. Stockholm has incredible stations!

Should you visit Stockholm

The stations in Stockholm are full of crazy items that differ across different metros.Should you visit StockholmTo be honest, Stockholm metros aren’t metros. Okay, of course, they, but they are like art galleries. And I mean it, most of the stations have something spectacular. Whether it’s a Pacman station or a station that looks like you are in hell. That makes them a tourist attraction.

Should you visit Stockholm

Great looking stations would be great to have everywhere, especially in like London where you often can’t fit on a metro so you have to wait. And if you somewhere daily, it would at least make your experience so much better.

Oh an yes, that’s another thing. You can actually sit down on a metro in Stockholm. Or on a tram. Or on a bus. The transport is built to meet the demands of the people traveling there. It’s very hard to say the same for Paris or London. You hate using the metro there. It’s so inconvenient. You can’t even sit down. Nevermind sitting in two seats at once.

Should you visit Stockholm

Stockholm has an incredibly well-built transport system.  Trams, metros, buses, trams that are like metros. There’s a lot of ways to get everywhere.

Getting around easily is essential. Single tickets are marvelously expensive but if you get a pass, it becomes affordable. If you care about transport,

Should you visit Stockholm

Michael Smolski approves the metro.

And the transport passes are pretty cheap. Around €24 for young people for a week if my memory serves me well as I can’t find the information on it anywhere. Oh, and the transport cards even work on boats.

Cozy Cafes

I like coffee. I like cozy. And Stockholm cafes were very cozy.

Should you visit Stockholm

I especially recommend the Folkungagatan area for cafes.

That’s where I ate my breakfasts. All of the 3 places I tried in the region were cozy, had an excellent taste in music, and offered something different. Just like the metros offered a different theme at a different station. And the pricing wasn’t too bad at all, that’s probably because these weren’t directly in the center of Stockholm.

Should you visit Stockholm

My favorite place there was called the Cykelcafé Le Mond. So cozy. So incredible. Even the tables matched the atmosphere there. It’s just a cute place to sit down in. Whether in the morning or at night. And they actually have candles that look adorable, especially at night. The place has a very original feeling it. Bicycles on top of the ceiling. Pictures of cyclists on walls. I really loved it there.

And the music was just at a top-notch level. If you want to have a great day, come there. The music will lift your spirit up!


“In Too Deep” by Genesis and “Here Come The Rain Again”, absolute classics.


Should you visit Stockholm

I was like Pato in this picture but in my head 😉

They had excellent lattes there too. Slightly stronger than what I tend to drink but that’s okay.

Should you visit Stockholm

Much better than anything I ever tried in Ireland. That’s why I limit myself to Starbucks in Ireland.

Should you visit Stockholm

Oh and the cashew nut chicken whatever this was sandwich was so incredible. I never ate one of them before and I also couldn’t understand the menu in the cafe, but this ended up being wonderful. I did also notice that Sweden overall likes their fried bread.

It Has Everything You Need

My apartment wasn’t in the center like I said. Yet, gym 2 minutes away. Lidl 3 minutes away. A small football pitch for 5 asides 1 minute away.  And I felt like this was the case everywhere. Wherever I went, I have seen services that I would use if I lived there. And they were everywhere. That matters. If you like to have everything around you, that’s why you should visit Stockholm. Should you visit Stockholm

Plenty of Attractions

If you are debating about whether you should visit Stockholm because you get bored easily, I was in Stockholm for 5 days but I don’t feel like I even got to explore it enough. That is most often not the case in most cities. And that’s what I love about Stockholm. It’s a city of islands where even a metro is considered a tourist attraction.

If you are somebody that get’s bored easily, this is why you should visit Stockholm.

One surprising thing was that when I went to see Star Wars, it was almost a month after it premiered and the hall was almost full. And it fits up to around 300 people. I was fascinated by that. In Ireland, cinemas are almost empty a month after a premiere of a movie.

And I do have two recommendations.


Now, I thought I have seen good photography. Then I went there. It makes all the pictures on my blog look like they were taken by a 3-year old kid. Fantastic variety of pictures. I noticed that pictures in galleries tell stories. They have a purpose and are meant to show something. The X-ray photos showed that we can’t always see everything with your eyes.


Pictures in Moldova showed that real poverty also exists in Europe. Some photographers tried to convey peace and calmness while others wanted you to think.Fotografiska

Visting Fotografiska made me realize that while some pictures simply show more than text, some actually can tell a story and make you think. And that’s something that I will try to implement more in the future.


Either way, whether you want to learn something or you simply want to see some pictures, I deeply want to recommend Fotografiska.

Abba: The Museum

Of course, you know of them, right? Not of the museum but of Abba? Well, I thought I didn’t until I played their songs. Unless you are Victor Ajayi, chances are you know of them!

Dancing Queen is probably their most popular song but Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! was actually my favorite song of theirs.

Anyway, there’s an Abba: The Museum in Stockholm. Plenty of records. Plenty of interactive things. You can pretend to be in a studio. You can dance. Not that I will show footage of that, but you can actually save it to your ticket and download it. It’s pretty cool to get to experience the costumes, awards, instruments, that were all once in the presence of Abba.

Abba: The museum

Don’t worry, I’ll have as many rewards as Abba one day.

Should You Visit Stockholm? Hmm…Should You Visit Stockholm? Should You Visit Stockholm?!? Michael!!! Should You Visit Stockholm?

I don’t like to look at cities from the perspective of “should you visit Stockholm” or such, every city offers something charm of its own unless it really sucks.

The big problem with Stockholm is the pricing. If you have the money, then absolutely, no doubt about it, visit it, you will enjoy the high-standards, cozy cafes, and plenty of museums. And the food, compared to Ireland, so much better!

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