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Why I Am Not Going to the US and What’s Happening

This story starts, well, actually, it’s not about how it starts. It’s about how it finishes. And that, that is a big unknown. I’m meant to be in the US. It’s New Orleans 300 year anniversary. I’m going to Collision hosted by Web Summit. But most importantly, I’m going to see my soon to be girlfriend Pato who studies at UCONN. I was rejected once. Will I be rejected again? That’s what I will know tomorrow.”

This was my first paragraph in my handcrafted journal with the map of greater New Orleans done by Tactile Craftworks written on the 28th of February.


Little did I know that I would not be going to the US not because I got rejected but because it snowed and my second interview got canceled. Yes. It snowed in Ireland. And it snowed so bad that just about everything was closed the next day.  My interview never happened, and there would not be enough time for it to happen before my flight to NY where I had a great place in Manhattan in exchange for minding two cats on GuestToGuest.

snow in Ireland 2018

I forgive once. Next time, there will be a viral video being made.  If only they checked my Instagram. They would know I don’t intend to stay in the US.

So now, instead, Pato is coming to Dublin.

More on that in the future blogs but now some of what is happening in my life.

Travel Plans

Last year my goal was to travel to 17 countries as it was 2017. I told myself I would get a normal job if I failed. And I did fail. I traveled to more than 10 countries within 4 months, but I didn’t reach 17. However, I saw so much potential and loved what I was doing so much that I decided there is no need to get a normal job and continued doing what I am doing right now. 

So far, I’ve been to England, and I’ve been to Sweden in 2018. I am also going to be in Nothern Ireland in March, and I do live in Ireland, well not for so long according to the guy interviewing me for my visa. So if you count Ireland, then that’s 4 countries.

walking lower

I am still planning to make it to the US this year as if you think I am not going to make it to my number one city on my bucket list on its 300-year anniversary then you are an idiot. The US will be the 5th country. I am planning to go to Poland for a few days which will be my 6th country. After that, I plan on going to Greece with Pato which will be my 7th country. After that, I do have a plan to go to Spain, and maybe I’ll go to Croatia and Bosnia with my man Victor Ajayi. That will be 10. I am planning to take a trip to South Korea on my own in September for a month or two, and maybe I’ll go through some other countries while there. Of course, Web Summit in Lisbon in November is a must, so that will make it 12. That leaves 6 more countries.

Health Plans

One of my biggest problems of mine right now is health. This is why I miss playing the football season from summer to spring and why I miss school. Back in those days I would have walked at least 20,000 steps per day. Now I don’t. I also would have fasted in the morning which now I don’t. Sure, I don’t add sugar to my tea or coffee. I did also quit coffee on my coffee challenge to get rid of my bad coffee habits. But food and exercise still lack and I need to take care of these.


It’s one of the reasons for why I am doing so much less in a day than I used to.

Coffee wasn’t a problem when I didn’t have a coffee machine beside me at all times. Food wasn’t a problem when I didn’t have a fridge beside me at all times. Exercising wasn’t a problem when I had to walk to school.

When I travel, there’s no problem with that at all. But I didn’t travel in two months in preparation for my US trip which is not even happening.

Luckily I have people supporting me and reminding me of this issue, and I also have the motivation to get in better shape both inside and outside. So that will be my main focus by May.

Strategy Plans

Lately, I’ve been getting clients that require more research such as Welltory which is an app that helps you manage your stress and energy levels through data.

Yesterday I actually also lost a client which I mean, it happens in blogging. I mean I did like the work as it was easy but the company wasn’t supportive at all. I gave suggestions to improve the service, but they always ignored it. I didn’t like the direction they were going in.

I need to work on a strategy to get more done though. Right now I’m like 30% effective. I could be getting so much more in a day. I need to work on emailing people for products to review consistently. Especially for my upcoming trips. I also need to get around 2 clients this month, so I need to send emails daily too. It’s not about 2 clients but about 2 quality clients though. Right now I’m behind on both emailing and writing. I need to work on these. And this blog is a great example of my delays.

Things to Buy

The things that I’m about to mention are not materialistic. They are needed in order for me to go to the next level.

My first goal is to get the Dell XPS 13 by the middle of April. Working while traveling and no laptop does not work. I’ve used the XPS 13 before, and it’s a beast that I need to have in order to be on my top level in terms of work while traveling. It does cost around 2000, but it’s worth the investment.

Dell XPS 13

I also need a camera. I’m lucky to be around people with cameras, but I also need one for my self. Sony would be my go-to except I need videos the most right now. That’s why I’m going to go for the newly announced Canon EOS M50. It’s perfect for my video needs with its fully rotatable screen and a microphone jack. I will get a Sony camera for pictures in the future, but videos are my top priority right now. I will try to get it before Greece. It’s around 800, so it’s not bad at all. I hope I can get it, but it will all depend on how my travels plans go in the next few months.

Lastly, one last thing I need is a new phone. I love my OnePlus 3, but my back camera got damaged and is only getting worse and worse. In fact, my front camera is currently clearer. And a camera in a phone is an essential feature. I will probably get a OnePlus 5T as OnePlus makes great phones that work flawlessly. That’s around €500

That’s about it for my life updates. Make sure to check out my YouTube page where I’m trying to post content on.

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