Is Ryanair That Bad? Ryanair Airline Review – 2018

Did I wake up with anger and am making this post to remove it? If Ryanair is that bad then yeah, this would or rather could be the case. But is Ryanair that bad, or are people being people, saying something because somebody else said it? Just like when kids say they hate a particular food that they were just given just because their friend didn’t like it, even though they loved it.

I flew over 10,000 miles with Ryanair in the last 365 days. I’ve flown from Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Krakow, Katowice, Rzeszow, London, Paris, and Prague with Ryanair. I think that makes me qualified enough to give you some real insights into what it actually feels to fly with Ryanair.


Qualified and a half.                                                                                                                                                     Photo by: @victorajayiart in Clermont-Ferrand.

Ryanair claimed to have built a reputation. Well, why do people want to know if Ryanair is that bad as they say then? Well, when it comes to reputation, whatever they had disappeared the day they decided to cancel 40 to 50 flights per day for several weeks because of their bad planning.

This is going to be an honest review. I’m not going to look at it from the perspective of how cheap Ryanair is. You can’t look at things just for their price. In that case, everything cheap is excellent.

We are reviewing the airline and not the prices, although prices will be part of the review.

Initially, I was going to talk about timing, comfort, people, and pricing.

But airlines aren’t just about that. As I was writing this review, I realized that.

Why Did I Fly So Much With Ryanair Last Year? Especially If “Ryanair Is That Bad?”

My goal was to find the means of writing about many countries and how to survive there on a budget. From Ireland, for a long time, Ryanair was just about the only budget choice.

I would fly with Wizzair if they flew to Ireland. Although I’m pretty convinced I flew to Ireland with Wizzair when I was younger. It must have had been to Belfast in Nothern Ireland. Anway,  if I want to test Wizzair, I would have to fly from London, which I will probably try this year as Wizzair might be a better choice for people in other countries and this blog is all about helping you travel better for cheaper.

RyanairAlso, recently I’ve been hearing a lot of things about Norwegian through people or just even the news which I rarely read. I really want to try them out. I’m very curious. I think they might be doing something on the level of Flixbus. But while I did try Flixbus several times, and yes, a review on that is coming soon, I never tried Norwegian, yet. And from what I’ve heard, they treat their workers better, and they fly to other continents while staying on a budget, and that is something major.

Is Ryanair That Bad? Is Ryanair That Bad? Hellloooo! Is Ryanair That Bad?

Anyway, now you have some context, let’s get into the review.


See, this is why I am not doing this review from the perspective of “this is cheap” as what does timing have to do with the price? From my perspective, if a flight is taking off at x, it should take off at x. It’s not like your plane is slower. It’s not like your workers are disabled. There’s no excuse for taking off late.

is Ryanair that bad

And that’s what happens. From my experience. Every second flight takes off late. And sometimes even worse.

Luckily, most arrive on time…

Stockholm Metro

When your Ryanair flight arrives on time…kind of face.                                                                                                                   Photo by: @___pato in Stockholm

Not that it has anything to do with extra flight time being added to a ticket to make it almost impossible to arrive late even if you take off late. Well actually, it still happens. And that kind of sucks because you might actually miss out on compensation simply due the fact that an airline is falsely extending the flight time of your flight. Other airlines do it too though.

The funny thing is that Ryanair used to play a little song about how “last year 90% Ryanair flights arrived on time”, or something in that context, and well, actually, due to their cancellations and over 400,000 passengers missing their flights, they can’t play that anymore. Perhaps that’s for the better. It was utterly annoying.

Ryanair sucks when it comes to starting on time, but it makes up for it by technically still arriving on time.Is Ryanair that bad?

But it’s annoying that the one time you take off earlier, you will arrive way too early, and your friend that’s picking you up might not be there, or your bus won’t be there. Any other time you might arrive too late by a few minutes. I missed my bus by like 2 or 3 minutes several times simply due to the plane coming a few minutes later than it was supposed to.

You never actually know when your flight will arrive, so booking buses or any transport is inconvenient.

Bad Take-Off Times

This is something that really would make me think Ryanair is that bad.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some were perfect. But some were too late or too early. I don’t want to arrive at midnight. Do you know how many hotels or apartments are open at that time for check-in? A lot less than you would imagine. And especially on Airbnb. And why would I want to pay for a full day in an apartment if technically I’m only going to sleep there?

I mean, you either fly super early or too late. Either way, you can never really check into any place because you are either too late or too early. Who gives hotel rooms in the morning? Sometimes it happens but rarely. Oh, and if you want to fly somewhere indirectly or have to make a stop, wait times are very long due to the bizarre times of flights.

Is Ryanair that bad?

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Fly Just About Everywhere…

Let’s start with a positive? Ryanair is extremely comfortable when it comes to where you want to fly. Okay, it doesn’t fly to different continents, but as far as Europe is concerned, it touches just about every major city or close to it. Whether I want to fly to London, Warsaw, Budapest, Stuttgart, or Lisbon,  I can, and then a lot more. It’s fantastic from the perspective that you can just about go anywhere with these guys.

What’s not as impressive is that while you can fly just about everywhere in Europe, a lot of these locations aren’t where they say they are. For instance, Stockholm. Ryanair goes to two different places in Stockholm…on paper. But both of these are about 1 hour and 30 minutes away on the bus from actual Stockholm.  A 2-hour flight can essentially turn into 3-hours. And that’s not the worst part.Is Ryanair that bad?

A bus comes to pick people up. You pay 139 SEK which is about €14. Great. But a bus only has so many seats. Most people don’t even know that they didn’t land in Stockholm. The people that don’t get it on time have to wait until the next bus which could come in several hours, depending on when the next flight lands. And, yes, they don’t land too often. Especially at Stockholm Vasteras.

This is the case in Paris. This is the case in Stockholm. And I’m sure in many other locations too. You fly to airports with a name of the place you want to get to, but these airports often aren’t there.

Comfort on the Plane

I don’t have many expectations when it comes to seats on cheaper airlines, and I honestly don’t mind if I’m on a 1-hour long flight, but could you make the colors inside any more nasty looking? They are just ridiculously bad. Who came up with them? Are we living in 2005? Like I’m sure a different yellow would not cost more? Would it? It’s not as bad on the newer interior but the only one, oh boy.

Is Ryanair that bad?You might have expectations about the seats. You shouldn’t. Oh, but, if you subscribe to my newsletter, there soon will be a post about how to feel comfortable on a flight even if it isn’t.

But while it’s bad, it isn’t entirely terrible if you are on the right plane and sit in the right spot.

Did you check out my post about how to get the best seat on the airplane? That blog will help you get the best seat on Ryanair which is much better than a typical seat, and it will help you do so without paying extra.

Ryanair offers two types of insides on flights. The skinny seats and the fat seats.

Is Ryanair that bad?

“I hate how Ryanair is adding skinny seats to planes. It’s going to be so much more uncomfortable!!!”

Actually, if you flew enough with Ryanair, you would know that the skinnier seats are actually much more comfortable than the fat seats.

But do skinny seats mean more space for you since they take less space? Of course not. They added extra seats since money matters.

But it’s not the seats that make things uncomfortable, it’s the lack of space for your legs. Unless you are sitting in the emergency seat, you have too little space. I mean it would be hard to open a laptop when sitting in a standard seat.

You also don’t get any specialties that even some other budget airlines offer. Things such as Wi-Fi or USB ports. And that means that working isn’t too practical on a Ryanair flight at all. Even something like a headrest would be nice. But forget about it. It’s just a thin seat with a table tray and an emergency poster. All that, with a terrible shade of yellow.

The new interior is better. It’s more comfortable. The air flow even feels stronger.  Not to say that the airflow is fantastic either as it still lacks when it comes to moving the direction of it. And you still get the emergency poster in front of your eyes hunting you whenever you look straight. But there’s also a sacrifice. Less cabin space for luggage. Which was a problem anyway with the older interiors anyway.Is Ryanair that bad?

The Carry-On Luggage

Ryanair did make a new rule which people complained against even though anyone flying would know how much sense it actually made. #RESPECT for that but no respect for actually not enforcing it. The carry-on luggage was meant to be placed with checked-in luggage. You were to pay if you wanted to bring it on board. How to get the best seat on an airplane

People complained. I was excited. For a few reasons:

  • Walking out of the airplane would be quicker if people didn’t have to take stuff out from the cabin lockers.
  • It would eliminate the stress of rushing and pushing on an airplane in order to put your carry-on away.
  • People wouldn’t move way too much just to take something out of a backpack in the middle of the flight.

But, flight attendants didn’t enforce it enough as of yet. Maybe they are scared of people arguing. But it sucks because that was a positive change that would eliminate so much stress.

I generally ask for my carry-on to be tagged and brought to where the checked-in luggage is unless the flight is already late, and I honestly wish they took my second carry-on too. It would save so much stress.



Actually, I’m a liar. There are two kinds of people. People that buy coffee in Starbucks, and then there are people that buy tea in Starbucks.

There are two types of people that you will deal with on a plane. The passengers and the flight attendants.

Flight Attendants

The flight attendants are generally young on Ryanair. And I feel quite bad for them. They don’t get paid for being on the ground. Flight times seem long, but they are shorter than on the ticket, that means that flight attendants get paid much less than you would think when it comes to Ryanair.

This is the airline that young people start with. Just a stop in their new career. The flight attendants are quite young. And often actually pretty nice. I certainly felt a nicer vibe from them than from Aer Lingus for instance which have more experienced and older staff.

The Passengers

Rich people don’t fly on cheap airlines. Youth don’t fly as much on expensive airlines. Smart people fly on costly and cheap airlines. It’s hard to tell what kind of people will be on an airplane but from my experience, people on Ryanair are kinda young looking for an adventure and easy to talk to. There are older people too. But young people love to fly with Ryanair. Sometimes that’s a problem as they can be loud, but then again anyone can be loud, but most of the time, it’s nice people that it’s easy to talk to and are talkable from my experience.

Quite often it’s actually people traveling around the world. When you do that, sometimes you have to fly on a budget, and cheap airlines are great for that task.

I’ve never had a bad experience sitting beside someone. People love to start conversations. Even simple things such as somebody asking about my backpack.

At a Price of a Starbucks

terrible wallet

This is Pato’s wallet. I hate it. And I ain’t feeling sorry about it. Is she that rich or is her wallet too fat?

This is why people fly with Ryanair. This is the reason why some people choose to survive the lack of comfort or bad timing. When you pay a price of your Starbucks on a flight, you really can’t complain, although a Starbucks is luxurious, Ryanair isn’t.

It’s incredibly cheap. Of course, it depends on where you are flying and when, unless you know a few tricks that will be mentioned on this blog, but it’s about as cheap as it gets. Bus tickets to airports can sometimes be more expensive.

Well, provided that you fly without any add-ons. That’s when cheap becomes expensive.

If you have a few bags to bring or if you have a long bus journey to take from the airport, or will be hungry, consider other airlines. The flight is cheap, but Ryanair makes a lot of money on the little extra things.

But Is Ryanair That Bad When It Comes to Food as When It Comes to Comfort?

Stockholm food

See that picture? That piece of food cost around the same that Ryanair charges for their microwaved toxic waste.

Food on Ryanair is expensive. And it tastes like total garbage. And people still pay for it. Perhaps because Ryanair advertises that the food at the airport is more expensive. Okay, but I rather spend more on eatable food than whatever they offer. And the alternatives are actually generally cheaper unless when you are maybe at those small little shops provided on the small airports that basically just operate Ryanair flights.

And if you have a headache, you’ll still need to pay for water.

The Lack of Awards

This is the last thing worth mentioning. I would appreciate some kind of appreciation for flying. A free snickers bar or something. Anything. It would encourage me to fly more. I have an app that tracks my flights and ranks me. That motivates me so much more to fly. It would be nice to see. Will we?

Is Ryanair That Bad?

I can take a bad seat for 50 mins on short flights. I can’t take the fact I can’t really work for 2 or 3 hours. And they don’t help with that. They don’t offer anything that would make a journey better, well unless you consider the fact they offer food, you getting sick might be fun.

Oh, and they do offer scratch card so you can try to win something during your flight.

It is what it is, but other airlines offer flights at the same cost with better features. Why does Ryanair not? As it’s known. It sells people prices. Prices that other airlines also offer but aren’t known enough to yet.

Ryanair isn’t an experience. It’s like a coffee from one of those cheap coffee machines. It’s coffee. You drink it. But you don’t enjoy it. That’s what Ryanair is. It doesn’t completely suck, it just doesn’t offer anything that you would advertise offer than the price.


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