Stand out with Your Imagery

People don't buy from who they don't trust. People

I have a full blog post about product imagery.


Get More Organic Traffic

Let's face it. You want to get customers. And there's no better way to get organic reach than with blog posts.

...If the posts can be found. Most either only provide value or SEO. Why not both?

I focus on solving people's issues while making a content SEO friendly so that you can reach people with blogs, but that your overall site gets indexed better.

Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

Blogs that show that you know what you are talking about build awareness.

By posting consistent content with value, you position your company as a leader in the field and a site for people to visit whenever looking for solutions to their problems.

People don't buy from who they don't trust.

What a great article! That is what I like...

Martin Muller - PrivateVPN
Just want to say - I am really impressed. I really appreciate all the small details that you have done to make articles excellent... P.S. Thanks for your photos in posts, they at a high level!

Pavel Pravdin - Welltory CEO
Great Job!
Bryan Liu - Zendure CEO
"It's just what I hoped for. The pictures look great as well."

Sami Haltia - Xampion CMO

Why Work With Me?

Don't you want to be proud of how your brand looks?

Do you read content with bad imagery? If you don’t, why expect others to do it? 

Great brands look great. 

Images keep readers, and they also help with ranking on Google.

Of course, companies that pay for photoshoots pay thousands for it. 

What if I told you I’m able to deliver you with imagery for just a fraction of that? Images that I own taken be my photographers or me have been used by big names such as Jabra, Sperry, Intelligent Change, and Fitbit 

Some of the best damn images out there that fit into the context of your blogs. (And they work for social media too)

Make sure to check out my photography section to learn more.

Don't you want to build a long-term brand?

People are looking for solutions to their problems on Google. 

If we can provide them, in the long-term, we’ll rank high on content attracting organic traffic.

For almost 2 years, I’ve been building PrivateVPN’s organic reach with blogging content that stands out from the competition. 

Instead of poor, repetitive and not helpful SEO based content, I provided in-depth information that’s easy to read, that still has great SEO — resulting in ranking on top of Google in many searches sometimes outpassing the likes of Hulu or DAZN, All while providing incredible imagery.


I foucs on solving problems

A great post from the perspective of marketing is only great until someone leaves your page. You need to keep users on. And you do that by focusing on solving their issue over anything else.

I solve in-depth issues relating to tech whether it’s someone having a problem being too hot when traveling and needing a portable AC as part of the solution or someone needing a VPN to watch DAZN in Europe.

Are You Ready for Blogs Posts That Matter and Reach More People?